5miles Brings the Yard Sale to Your Mobile Phone

We are living in a world where our mobile phone has become our greatest resource. We have the ability to check in on world events, plan our day, and make those last minute changes to our presentation before the big meeting—all before getting out of bed in the morning. We spend a majority of our digital media time on our mobile devices so it’s no surprise that mobile has become more valuable than ever. 5miles plans to capitalize on this and has created a mobile marketplace that makes selling as easy as uploading a photo and buying as easy as commenting on one.

“5miles is the fun and easy way to buy and sell items and services with your phone. Snap a photo, enter a text or voice description, and sell to thousands of potential buyers within seconds,” says James Kuai, 5miles Chief Marketing Officer. Unlike sites like Craigslist or ebay, 5miles is completely free for both users and sellers.

“With a visual design similar to Pinterest, 5miles lets you browse images of items sorted by what’s closest to you or search and filter for specific items or services,” says Kuai. By using your phone’s location, 5miles allows you to make connections with people in your neighborhood while helping you save and make money.

“Users who buy or sell one item successfully are more likely to do so a second time,” Kuai added.

In addition to making the experience simple and fun, 5miles also aims to remove the anonymity from the process. Before listing or searching for an item new users are asked to create a profile and to verify their identity with Facebook. (You are also asked to verify your identity via email and phone.) Users then have the ability to read reviews that are left on your profile by other users that you have bought from or sold to.

With a strong focus on customer service 5miles likes to engage with its users to ensure everything is working as it should. “We communicate with new users to welcome them to the 5miles community, ask them if they are having any issues with the app, and see if they have any feedback for us. People aren’t expecting a call from a free app, but they appreciate it!” Kuai said.

Based in Dallas, 5miles has just under 50 employees across the U.S. and China. With a founding team that includes two former Alibaba senior employees, collectively they hold an extensive amount of experience in global business, technology, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

“In five months, we’ve already contributed $8 million USD to the local economy in Texas,” Kuai said in our interview.

After only four months of operations in the US 5miles has surpassed 500,000 users in 100 countries with 15,000 of those located in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. To date, 5miles has raised $5 million in an initial series A funding and most recently $10 million in a series B funding from VCs in the US and China. By leveraging community events, digital marketing, and traditional media, 5miles aims to expand into new areas and strengthen current position in its stronger markets like Texas and California.

In addition to expanding, 5miles plans on introducing services such as babysitting, landscaping, and handymen. With the primary goal of making the app a combined platform for both products and services.

So if you are in the market for a specific product or just want to get rid of some of that old clothes you are never going to wear again, 5 miles is the app for you.

Emmanuel Lopez

Emmanuel is a creative and collaborative professional living and playing in the wonderful city of Dallas. He is an early adopter of new technologies and is constantly browsing the app store for the latest release. (Are you in Beta? Send it his way!) As an amateur mobile photographer, he aims to document the ever changing landscape of Dallas by capturing its people, architecture, and communities.