Memory Science Helps Students Learn and Remember What Matters Most

It’s that time of year when college students all over the country are preparing (or have already completed) final exams. You know the drill: highlighters, 3×5 flash cards, and pages scribbled with notes—the trifecta of testing time, all so that you can retain just enough information to ace the test.

The team behind Dallas-based ed-tech startup, Memory Science, believes there’s a better way. Using cognitive and neuroscience methodologies, Memory Science has created a patented learning retention platform that helps students identify, and most importantly, remember, key concepts.

This style of learning is built around something they call “Neuro Notes”, small bits of information that you never want to forget. This “byte-sized learning” helps students recall information with ease and perform their best come testing time.

Memory Science makes students the architects of their own learning,” said Matt Johnner, CEO of Memory Science. The platform, which is more like a challenging game than boring study group, combines eight neuroscience and cognitive learning techniques and adapts to student’s individual needs and learning styles. And it’s working: the platform has been proven to increase test scores 25-36% and increase long-term memory from 42% to 92%.

We believe in improving students’ education by helping them to learn smarter, save time, and perform better,” said Luciano Vizza, who works in marketing for the company.

In addition to improving test scores and knowledge retention, Memory Science is also helping students and school systems save money. Key partnerships, including one with with free, open textbook provider, OpenStax, helps reduce the cost of education and increases the quality of learning for all types of students. They’re also working with local schools in Dallas to bring the high-tech platform to students.

Memory Science recently launched an introductory version of their platform for finals season, with content in four introductory college courses: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, and Sociology. Their full version which allows users to upload their own content and features an expanded premium content library will launch in late summer—just in time for the Fall semester.

For this upcoming release, Memory Science has partnered with KickOff Labs to create a “Pre-Launch” referral program and waitlist. The more friends users refer, the quicker they can gain access to the full product in late summer.

For more information about Memory Science, or to sign up for the pre-launch waitlist, visit their website here

Raquel Vincent

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