Startup Family: Starting up and Staying Together

Launching a startup and raising a family has sent many families to the brink. Google work/life balance and you will get thousands of hits. Try that same search for resources for the families and significant others that support these entrepreneurs and the list is pointedly shorter.

Thankfully, this year two podcasts have launched to address just this subject:

Entrefamily is a run by Stephanie and Ryan Langford who between the two of them run four businesses while homeschooling their four children. Recently they took their businesses and family on the road for a few months to Europe blogging and podcasting along the way. The vision of the entrefamily is to create a business for their entire family where older children and teenagers have a place to build alongside their parents. Not only is the podcast worth setting up as a weekly download but each Friday they put out their Weekly Brew newsletter full of great things they have found online.

Take away tip: Part of the point of having an entrepreneurial lifestyle is that this is your dream, your unique path. Your family’s incredible, uncommon, daring life.

ZenFounder launched this January. Rob and Sherry Walling have a great tagline—Staying Sane while Starting Up. Isn’t that what everyone is trying to do? Rob is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup mentor. Sherry is a clinical psychologist. They are raising their two sons in California. Being a psychologist, Sherry Walling brings a unique perspective to the pressures of startup life. In recent episode they address the high rate of mental illness in the startup community after a friend and fellow MicroConf attendee, Clint Warren, committed suicide. That episode and the one that followed set this podcast apart as one willing to discuss the darker side of startup life but not all episodes are as heavy and hard hitting. Episodes range from how to raise entrepreneurial kids to how to take a vacation while starting up.

Take Away Tip: Hire help for the family before you think you can afford it. You will create more time to make the startup to succeed and it will help you stay sane.

I can not recommend these podcasts enough for every startup family and for those considering taking the jump into family or entrepreneurship.

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Amber Backes

Advocate for Startup families. Launching a podcast to interview Startup Families this fall with John Backes. Risking it all to make a difference, do something new and build a legacy.