Imgr Turns Your Text Messages into Custom Branded Content

With Facebook limiting the visibility of overly promotional posts, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are having to find new ways of low-cost advertising. Imgr is hoping to make this a little easier by leveraging mobile marketing.

Imgr helps companies and individuals build their brand through personal and social interactions by enhancing instant messaging,” said Blake Lind, Founder & CEO of Imgr.

Messages can be customized to include special promotions, new product info, and links to social media accounts. Users create a custom header, footer with URLs, and even custom logos that can be uploaded directly from their camera roll.

This is great for businesses who rely on mobile marketing as Imgr turns text messages into custom branded content. Nonprofits already leverage mobile marketing for “text to give” campaigns and with election season already underway, the political grassroots opportunities are endless.

But Imgr is also a great option for individuals hoping to build their personal brand. Lind refers to these messages as “emojis on steroids.” By using Imgr for your daily instant messaging, your friends and other contacts are just a tap away from your blog, social media profiles, or website.

You can integrate your brand into your message. So you aren’t just sending a text or embedding an emoji, you are actually embedding your brand,” Lind said.

In addition to the main feature of branded text messages, Imgr makes it easy for contacts to become brand ambassadors by sharing those businesses and contacts.

Lind describes his app as a shift in the way we think about advertising. Companies like Facebook use consumers social reach to market and monetize and Imgr is about putting the power and control of ads in the hands of consumers.

Or as Lind puts it, “People should be in control of the monetization of their own social reach.”

Imgr is available in the App Store with plans for Android underway.



Raquel Vincent

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