Kickstart Monday: Marma, Natural health products inspired by Grandma’s remedies

Sore throat? Sunburn? Bad cough? Who remembers all of the childhood memories of your grandmother putting together the weirdest ideas to produce a remedy to cure you? Jump forward years later from the playground and as adults we think only what the doctor says or what the medicine bottle states is true to healing us. New Dallas-based startup Marma is believes otherwise: that traditional remedies can work and can be validated with scientific research, and that business models can be optimized to maximize social impact.

Similar to concepts like TOMS or Warby Parker, the overall goal is “to improve the odds of the lottery of latitude and longitude when humans are born”, says Founder and CEO David Sepulveda. As a mission-based company, Marma fulfills its social impact by partnering with award winning nonprofits to change lives of children in developing countries, while hiring individuals in the US struggling with unemployment and homelessness to fulfill online orders. For every product sold, a child will receive treatment for a debilitating parasitic infection that keeps them from going to school.

Marma’s line of minimalist health solutions is inspired by traditional remedies, proven by independent scientific research, and “enriched with good karma”. Their first product, Marma Gargle, for sore throat relief launches today via their Indiegogo campaign and the Marma team is hosting a kick-off party tonight at The Grove at 6:30 p.m.

You can find out more about Marma and support their Indiegogo campaign here.

Jasmine Crockett

Jasmine Crockett is the Co-founder + President at Crockett Public Relations and Co-founder of Dallas Blogger Collective. She is also a life+style blogger at her self titled site, In addition to writing for LAUNCH DFW, Jasmine contributes to The Huffington Post and