Number 7 Coffee delivers Coffee + Hope

I am not a morning person but the one thing that has made mornings a bit more manageable, is the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. Whether you prefer a slow, ritualistic pour, a French press, or rely on your friend Mr. Coffee, for many of us, mornings just wouldn’t happen without coffee.

Mayra GH, co-founder and CEO of Number 7 Coffee has taken her passion for a good cup of java and turned it into a growing startup with a purpose: to help bring an end to human trafficking and poverty. For $35 a month, you receive three bags of carefully selected coffee beans from micro roasters all over the world and for every subscription, the startup gives $7 to an organization fighting human trafficking and poverty.

They deliver the coffee, you deliver the hope.

Though the company launched just this past December, they are growing rapidly thanks to grassroots marketing efforts and the help of their “hope ambassadors.”

Our hope ambassadors, they champion our cause. It’s not just us saying ‘come buy our coffee’, its really about saying, whatever you buy, buy it with purpose,” Mayra said.

Number 7 Coffee is also winning the Instagram marketing game. With co-founder Eder Tiexiera as the creative powerhouse behind the brand, and architectural designer and fashion blogger, Eddie Fortuna on their list of ambassadors, Number 7 Coffee uses beautiful photography to help tell their story. In fact, it was through Instagram that I first learned about the startup.

A few months ago, members of the Dallas Instagram community (armed with free coffee) took to White Rock Lake at sunset to capture amazing light and share the story of Number 7 Coffee. The “Coffee + Hope” Instameet was by all accounts a success and after seeing beautiful images fill my Instagram feed after the event, I reached out to them to set up an interview to learn more about the company.

Beautiful imagery and packaging aside, what stands out most to me about Number 7 Coffee is the passion Mayra exudes. You can tell that this wasn’t about just finding a way to capitalize on the subscription model or craft coffee trend, the mission, or the “why” came first and then the company was built around that.

The bottom line with all of this is to create sustainable change,” Mayra added.

From researching the roasters and learning their individual stories, to carefully vetting the organizations and nonprofits that the coffee subscriptions support, its all about integrity and transparency for Number 7 Coffee. The company maintains regular communication with the nonprofits they support and frequently shares updates and success stories with their subscribers.

And it’s the awareness of those heartbreaking stories that make all of the difference Mayra says, “people don’t think that its happening here but it is happening here and these are their stories.”

Raquel Vincent

Raquel Vincent is a Dallas-based creative with a knack for words and inspired creative direction. When she's not working, you can find Raquel hitting a gallery opening, working on her book, or thrifting for unforgettable vintage finds. She loves music festivals, tacos, and her rescue cat Berlioz.