GreenBuzz Dallas joins forces with Ellen’s Southern Kitchen for new eco-friendly initiative

GreenBuzz Dallas is a new initiative from The Grove Coworking Community in Dallas’ Historic West End. The goal is to empower local businesses to incorporate sustainable practices through community support. Businesses that participate in GreenBuzz agree to invest a certain percentage of the single-day sales in eco-friendly upgrades. In exchange, patrons swarm to support the business for a few hours on the designated day.

Justin Nygren, co-owner and managing partner of The Grove, and Eduardo Hope, coordinator of GreenDrinks Dallas, approached Joe Groves, owner of West End favorite, Ellen’s Southern Kitchen, if he would be interested in hosting a GreenBuzz event. Groves agreed and he’s commited 100% of the proceeds toward making Ellen’s Southern Kitchen an eco-friendly place to eat.

Coming on the heels of Dallas’ Earth Day celebration, GreenBuzz Dallas takes place this Wednesday, April 29th, from 4pm-8pm at the new location of Ellen’s Southern Kitchen at 1701 N. Market St. Tickets are $10 at the door and a cash bar will also be open. Food will be served buffet-style, and will reflect the items that Ellen’s patrons are already in love with.

Eduardo Hope, of GreenDrinks Dallas, is encouraged by the commitment to working with the triple bottom line of planet, people, and profits.

Ellen’s in the historic West End is an example of creative, ecological thinking in local business, and we want to support that as much as possible,” Hope said.

Justin Nygren sees this as just the beginning of a larger vision:

We are passionate about Downtown businesses, and believe the best way to make a difference is to help lead the change. We see The West End as having the makings of an Innovation District and want to support people like Joe Groves who are setting the example for how business can be used to make an ecological impact.

You can learn more about GreenBuzz Dallas on their Facebook page here.

UPDATE: Caviar, the recently launched local food delivery app based at The Grove, is also participating. Now, for every person who pays the $10 cover, Caviar Dallas is adding an additional $5 to the final total from the event. “It’s our way of supporting our neighbors and encouraging businesses to think about how they can work more sustainably,” said Josh Tipton, Caviar Dallas’ General Manager.

Raquel Vincent

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