Caffeine, Community, and Collaboration—1 Million Cups Dallas Weekly

Every Wednesday morning from 9-10 AM at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, two new entrepreneurs take the stage to showcase their products or services to other local professionals. Presenters have a total of six minutes to explain their business concept to a sizable audience, who in turn provide about 20 minutes of feedback. Created by the Kauffman Foundation, 1 Million Cups (1MC) is based on the idea that networking and creative problem solving occurs best for entrepreneurs over a million cups of hot coffee.

As Jennifer Conley, a 1MC coordinator explains, “Getting feedback from peers helps startups to refine their pitch and get more comfortable when the stakes (and stress) are high.”

With caffeine levels soaring, the event primarily focuses on one main question: “What can we, the Dallas entrepreneurial community, do for you?

Doug Levy presented his startup, TapGoods at yesterday’s event. TapGoods connects local residents through a web-based rental service for various items. These items range anywhere from camping equipment and kayaks, to chainsaws, lawnmowers, and everywhere in-between. Though the company is still being fully developed at this point in time, you can visit their website for more information, to declare your interest, or to help champion their service. TapGoods makes renting nearly anything safe, reliable, and only a click away.

Helen Tien of Play Without Boundaries also took the stage with her product, Kinskii: an interactive, downloadable video chat platform that encourages communication in children aged 2-7. Kinskii was developed primarily for children in families separated by distance, and offers a fantastic solution for a heartfelt problem. Nearly any parent can attest to the short attention span of a young child, especially during a video chat. However, the team behind Kinskii created a viable way to keep young children engaged and learning, while at the same time communicating with their families. For more information, click here to visit their website.

Next Wednesday, on 4/29, we will have presenters for Front Door Fashion and the team behind First Minute here at the DEC.

Showcasing some of the best talent that Dallas has to offer, 1 Million Cups is certain to become a mainstay of the entrepreneurial community in Dallas. Come for the caffeine. Come for the community. Stay for the collaboration.

Mitchell Camp

Mitchell is the Director of Marketing Communications for Divergence Academy, a Co-Founder of WS.N, and a freelance writer. He enjoys basically any activity involving dogs.