Velocis Enterprises to host UX Workshop

So you’ve built your product from concept and have spent countless hours honing the perfect design that you hope will evoke a memorable and pleasing experience for your clients. If you’re relying on aesthetic appeal alone to secure future foot traffic, you may be overlooking the perceptive details that tie your overall brand and identity together. UX (User Experience) Design is eminent from the early design stages of your product and flows through the lifespan of your collaborative efforts from designer to developer, and down to the CEO. Good UX Design secures customer loyalty by creating a sensory experience that appeals emotionally and productively. There’s no point in having a beautiful product if isn’t useful or engaging.

Does your design combine the visual and emotional experience to keep users coming back? Is your app or site easy to navigate? It takes a matter of seconds for new users to determine whether or not your site is worth their time. Since UX Design is the first impression you’ll make on users, it’s worth the time to ensure that the experience flows between all designs and platforms whether it’s tablet, desktop, or mobile.


How can you as a designer, developer, or project manager improve your product through UX design? On May 2nd Velocis Enterprises is hosting a UX Kickoff primer workshop presented by UX guru Andrew Zusman. The 4-hour primer explores the philosophy, ideas, and principles behind user experience design and how to apply UX methodologies. Anyone involved in web design including developers, editors, marketers, project managers, and startups are welcome. As a bonus, each startup will receive a 1-hour one-on-one consultation with the Velocis team to discuss a range of options for strategy on how to deliver high quality experiences to succeed in the marketplace. Lunch is included. Sign up for early bird tickets and claim your seat!


Contact: Andrew Zusman


Stefani Nguyen

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