The New Social Network for Realtors: HipPocket

Realtors pay attention to this one! HipPocket, the private social network for licensed realtors launches next month. That’s right, no more scouting the web, calling and texting everyone you know, standing in Starbucks just hoping someone wants to buy a house. With HipPocket, realtors have the ability to view all pocket listings, list theirs, and orchestrate deals all within the app.

HipPocket’s inventors, James Bohan-Pitt and Clay Stapp, crafted the idea based on real-life experiences and a major time management problem.

“Realtors spend an inordinate amount of time communicating with each other. With 30% of property in most cities now marketed as word-of-mouth ‘hip pocket’ listings outside of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the communication problem is worse than ever before” says James. 

James furthered his research and the results were amazing. He discovered 88% of buyers and sellers in the US were represented by a Realtor and it became clear to him that they deserved a far better way to communicate with each other. Considering they were helping clients with one of the most important transactions of their life, he believed they needed one place they could go to have one conversation with their entire Realtor community, in real time.

He soon consulted Clay, owner of a boutique real estate brokerage,  Clay Stapp+Co with close to 40 agents on staff. Clay confirmed James’ suspicions and to James’ horror, the problem was worse than he thought. As Clay describes, “To try to solve the communication problem, realtors had resorted to hacking Facebook and LinkedIn. Private social groups had been created by title companies, lenders, and realtors and had become a place where realtors can share information.”

That day, Clay was sold on the idea of creating an inclusive community open to all licensed realtors and brokers and the duo got to work.

How Does HipPocket Work 

“With a listing agreement in their hand outside a client’s home,” James notes, “realtors simply open HipPocket and press the cross in the top right corner of the HipFeed. They can take or upload a photo, add a few pieces of basic information about the property, and use GPS to find the location of the home—or enter manually, and that’s it.

Once the Hip is added, the property will instantly appear in the main feed, or ‘HipFeed’ as we call it, for all users to be able to engage with.”

Why Should You Use HipPocket 

To make your life easier.

But really there are some serious perks to using HipPocket. We’ve asked James to list them out for us:

  • Work smarter—Spend more time prospecting and less on promotion and administrative duties.
  • Efficient—Post a listing and have one conversation with the entire community. Instantly message realtors through the app.
  • Engage with a community—Instead of just searching a MLS database, you can have a conversation with the Community.
  • Fast & Social— Familiar social experience that enables a realtor to market hip pockets and pre-MLS properties instantly.
  • Listings & Needs—One platform for realtors to represent buyers/renters and sellers/landlords.
  • Discovery—Instant matching of listings and needs, and search and filter for listings not available in the MLS.

Not Just for Dallas

When HipPocket launches next month in the App store, HipPocket will be available to all licensed realtors operating in all 800+ MLS communities in the US.

But you can take action today by signing up for Early Access at

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*Correction note: an earlier version of this article misstated that a majority of real estate transactions with realtors were done via pocket transactions. This has since been corrected. 

Lauren Zeien

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