Beyonce, Oxford Commas, and GIFs – Meet LaunchDFW’s New Editor

My first interaction with this lovely lady involved an Oprah GIF, Beyonce lyrics and lots of LOL’s. So naturally I was drunk in love.

As you’ve heard by now (or you’ve been living under a rock) our current Editor/Marketing Director/Shortest member of the LaunchDFW team, Rachel, is leaving to become a rap star at the end of this month.

Therefore Launch decided it was time to do some hiring, expand our content and dig even deeper into the DFW community. So that’s exactly what we are doing.

Let us re-introduce ourselves. (HOVA!) Myself – Executive Director, Numbers Maven – Amanda, Event Coordinator – Mary Claire, Membership Momma – Stefani,  The Godfather – Bradley, and our newest member, editor extraordinaire – Raquel Vincent. 

You may recognize Miss Raquel from our site already. She’s been a LaunchDFW contributor for sometime now. She brings a new perspective and witty angle to her articles.

As proven by Dallas Startup Week there is no lack in hungry entrepreneurs, investors and curious minds here. LaunchDFW’s mission is to connect, encourage and promote these folk to the very best of our ability. We are also happy to say this year we will be adding even more to our lineup. But that’s all we are saying – are lips aren’t moving.

So put your hands up and give Raquel a warm Dallas-sized welcome.

Lauren Zeien

Lauren spent a year in Chicago's 1871 technology incubator after years climbing the jungle gym of hospitality groups. Lauren's fast paced thinking and lifestyle lead the quick-witted marketer to fulfill the need and turn her attention to propel companies to success - thus creating The Strategy Artists. When not kicking booty with her company you can find her socializing with new people, jogging Katy Trail, cheering her favorite football teams and enjoying all the city has to offer.