Kickstart Monday: eDebut, movie streaming for new film releases

The film industry is a billion dollar behemoth, and for independent filmmakers, the costs around debuting their work can be daunting.

A local company in the Dallas area is working on changing how movies are released, by making them available through their app, eDebut.

Our primary goal is to be the voice for those who struggle for their art,” states the eDebut Indiegogo campaign page. “We have no doubt in our minds that eDebut is going to play a pivotal role in keeping the passion for film making alive and more importantly, paying those passionate filmmakers well so they are encouraged to do more good work.”


Filmmakers rent a specific time slot with eDebut to debut their movie online, with limited “seats” available for that specific debut time.

At the time of the debut, fans use the app to check out seat availability, and can watch the movie through the eDebut app, if available.

If the seats are unavailable, app users are redirected to all the movie specific incentive options (loyalty cards, coupons etc), giving them access to local deals to theaters.

“In short, we are in the business of giving every new movie release a cost-effective mass exposure, virality, theater & ancillary income increase it richly deserves. At the same time, such debut shows finally give the movie fans a chance to watch a new movie release [in HD] at the convenience of their homes.”

eDebut is launching down in Austin at SXSW — you can find them at booth #206!

Check out their Indiegogo campaign here — or follow eDebut on Facebook and Twitter!

Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.