Collide Village: Evidence Based Acceleration

After 4 months of intense work, the Collide Village Accelerator Program (CVAP) will culminate in its Pitch Day next Tuesday, February 24.

The CVAP is a milestone driven startup accelerator, housed out of the Addison Treehouse. Over the course of these past four months, six teams have worked to get their startups investor-ready.

“The teams have been gathering a lot of data from their potential customers and have validated their ideas to a point where they are capable of executing and building a scalable company,” says Tahir Hussain, CEO of Collide Village.

CVAP is milestone driven, meaning the startups measure their successes against their goals. This also means the startups involved have been collecting a TON of data. Throughout the program the teams focus on their presentations, and building out something that will showcase all of that data for investors.

All of the teams in the Collide Village are local startups. “We were thoughtful about bringing in local teams — our Dallas startup ecosystem is a huge asset, and after the program finishes up, we don’t want them to lose that,” explains Hussain.

One of the teams, YourSportscast, launched recently (over Superbowl weekend). They’re a tech company that provides a platform for sports viewing audiences with a variety of audio feeds for their favorite televised sporting events.

Going through the program has been both challenging and rewarding for the YourSportscast team.

“We took a chance, applying for the program, but it’s been so worth it,” said Scott Henderson, mustachioed cofounder and CEO of YourSportscast. “We took a dive, and now it’s all coming together.”

Duncan Black, cofounder and CTO of YourSportscast, appreciates the opportunities to work with the mentors in the program. “Learning from the mentors that CVAP makes available is a huge benefit. It’s been very motivating.”

Primal Sensors has also been a part of CVAP. They’re a B2B solutions company (the only one in the CVAP class) specializing in location-based tracking systems.

“The most valuable part of the program has been the motivation that comes from the affirmation that you’ve actually got something,” said Jerry King III, CEO and cofounder of Primal Sensors. He and his cofounder, Andrew Davis, have developed a hardware system that caters to events and venues where tracking people and participants is a priority.

Being in the program has meant stepping up their game, for Davis. “There’s a drive to think bigger, and being in CVAP has helped to fuel that even more.”

Pitch Day is Tuesday, February 24, but is exclusive to investors. If you are an accredited investor and would like to attend the upcoming pitch day, you can email

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Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.