Kickstart Monday: SUMMARY

With so many options for consuming entertainment, information, and resources, it can be hard to keep up with your favorite TV shows or books.

The SUMMARY app hopes to change that.

“No more hunting for information, no more web diving…We want to give you a hub for summaries about everything, from TV shows, books, movies, and much, much more!”

Summary is a free app, created by Foxlink Projects that summarizes TV shows, movies, books, and more. They’re currently raising funds through Kickstarter for the app.

The folks at Foxlink determined that, because humans (who read an average of between 120-200 words per minute) are only retaining about 65% of what they read, something needed to be different about Summary. In order for users to get the most out of the application and to stay caught up on their favorite TV or book series, the way information was presented needed to be helpful and quick to grasp.

Each Summary is crafted to provide app users with “complete retention of the subject material.” They’ve invented a way of summarizing information so that users are able to retain and remember information better.

Summary will also incorporate a “knowledge level system,” where users can measure their progress. All Summaries that a user reads are collected, so that you have access to everything you’ve looked up (and won’t have to look it up again).

Users are able to vote on each Summary, which helps to ensure each Summary is accurate and interesting. And, as Summary grows, we can expect to see the platforms grow through different languages, as well.

You can learn more about the Summary Kickstarter project here.  Once funding is complete, we can expect to see the full Summary app by this summer.

Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.