Kickstart Monday: Family playtime, no matter where you are, with Kinskii

In 1960, only 20% of American children grew up with a mother who worked. Today 70% of children have both parents employed.

Globalization has also taken a lot of these work hours to different cities, states and even countries. So what does that mean if you’re a traveling parent with a young child?

More and more parents today are missing out on the play connection with their kiddo. Currently, parents and family members have only been able to video chat with their children, limiting the engagement and duration of each conversation. Think about it, when was the last time you had an effective conversation with the young child in your family? Children don’t connect through conversation – they connect through play.

Kinskii will change all that.

“We are going against the grain as far as the telecommunications market is heading by trying to increase the quality of the experience AND the bandwidth. We want families to be able to build a strong bond through play, no matter the distance,” says Helen Tien, Co-founder of Kinskii.

Kinskii is an integration of video chat technologies and the simple concept of play. Traveling parents, deployed military members, or far away relatives will be able to go through adventures, hand-in-hand with their own video chat screen, as the face of different characters in every adventure.

What sets Kinskii apart from other video chat services and online/mobile games is that everything is built with better engagement and connection in mind.

Kinskii is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to aid in their upcoming official launch. “We’re raising funds to complete the development of the library of games and to get our initial base of customers who love Kinskii as much as we do,” according to Helen.

You can join Kinksii’s journey on Facebook or Twitter and can contribute to the Kickstarter Campaign here!

Rory McLaughlin

Startup fanatic. Tech enthusiast. Economics Nerd. A&M Grad.