Meet Vidpow, a thriving Dallas startup that focuses on web video

There are no two ways about it. Online video is huge.

Netflix and Youtube alone are responsible for half of all internet traffic. These sites, plus a list of other video streaming services–like UStream, Vimeo and Hulu–have replaced TV altogether, for many people. It’s also hard not to notice social sites like Facebook and Instagram becoming increasingly full of those moving pictures. (The number of cat videos alone is staggering.)

Vidpow is a startup that teaches the art and science of using online video as a form of marketing. Yes, online videos can contain more than cats doing adorable cat-like things. Online videos can work for you. Vidpow already offers the largest library of Video Marketing Training Courses anywhere, and is adding more every week. It also offers monthly conferences.

In mid January, Vidpow joined the small list of 111 companies to be Certified in Audience Growth by Youtube. That put the McKinney, TX based start up next to multinational media outlets like CBS and FOX News.

But Vidpow also made a more exclusive list by becoming one of only four companies in the U.S. to be listed as a YouTube consultant. As a consulting firm, Vidpow’s team, which recently doubled to six people, has driven over 300 Million views for clients, including FUNimation, Carrick Brain Centers and Speakeasy.

Founder and CEO, Jeremy Vest, explains that video is about emotion and has the power to bring people together in ways that just can’t be done with text or photos. “Video is the ultimate reality TV — people love to watch other people. For the most part, businesses don’t get that commercials and inauthentic videos don’t work on YouTube and other social media platforms. Our goal is to teach businesses how to grow using online video.”

According to YouTube, over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube alone. That’s almost an hour for every person on Earth.

In that spirit of bringing a community together, Vidpow is the founder and title sponsor of a new association launching in Dallas, called Cre8tors Club.

The club will be geared to web video geeks. Monthly meetings will help teach and grow personal and professional passion for online video by the gathering of peers in your community.

The first meeting will be held with speaker Jeff Havens of Gas Monkey Garage on February 23rd. Further details and registration information are here.

Jeremy is also giving a one-month free trial to Vidpow’s training when you go to and use promo code: Launchdfw.

You can learn more on their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Mason Pelt

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