Dallas Startup, Ubidock, Rolls Out Across 15 DFW Chili’s Restaurants for Super Bowl Sunday

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday! Ubidock will recharge phones with the launch of their hand-held phone charging system across 15 DFW Chili’s restaurants on February 1.

We had the opportunity to chat with Ubidock last year, and are looking forward to seeing them present at February’s Dallas New Tech next Tuesday!

Ubidock is a hand-held phone charging solution which features a dock station that houses portable rechargeable batteries.

On Super Bowl Sunday, restaurant and bar patrons no longer have to worry about finding a way to recharge during the game or while they’re out with friends.

“Ubidock is an exciting new addition to customer experience for the restaurant industry,” states the release from Ubidock. Restaurants, bars, and other venues are now able to offer this complimentary service to their patrons.

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(Header image credit: Ubidock)

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