Dallas startup Glass Media launches in over 30 locations across the metroplex

If you missed Glass Media at our Holiday Dallas New Tech, not to worry — you’re going to see them around town. This month their technology will launch in over 30 locations around Dallas.

Glass Media is an on-demand, dynamic projection and display technology, using an “SaaS platform that transforms storefront glass into an advertising/marketing medium empowering businesses to advertise WHAT, WHEN and WHERE they want.”

Their new pilot program was announced in a public release yesterday. Customers include Billingsley, Alto Partners, Quadrant Investment Properties, Mattress Firm, One Arts Plaza, and 25 more small & medium sized businesses.

CEO Daniel Black explains the attraction: that “brick-and-mortar businesses have been unable to effectively engage street-level consumers directly at the point of sale.”

From its conception, Black wanted the technology to be flexible to the needs of the client. “We knew there would be a huge market opportunity but not just in one market. Therefore we created the ability to truly listen and produce what the client wanted.”

Glass Media is a full service provider, managing everything from installation to strategic planning, content creation/optimization, technology, account management, data collection and analytics.

“Through years of research and development, we’ve successfully transformed storefront glass into an engaging and interactive medium and empowered businesses to engage those around them in the physical space.”

You can learn more on their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.