Kickstart Monday: Custom Apps Made Easy with Appr

Earlier this year, Flurry Analytics released a report on mobile app usage since 2013, noting that, of the time spent on a mobile device, 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time was spent on apps.

“The data tells a clear story that apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile, and the browser has become a single application swimming in a sea of apps,” states the report.

Clearly there’s no shortage of apps out there, with more than 30 thousand new apps submitted to the iTunes App store alone each month. But the process of mobile app development can be both costly and confusing for some.

But not with APPr.

We wanted to make mobile applications accessible to everyone without the cost of working through a developer,” says Charles Joyner, cofounder and COO of APPr.

“APPr is for small business owners,” Joyner explains, “the ones who don’t have the budget for developing an app, but who recognize the importance of connecting with their customers through mobile.”

And what makes APPr unique is its community. When you create your application in APPr, it is listed in the APPr Community for other users to download, rate, and share. “So because of APPr, your customized app is in front of a larger audience, because of the community,” explains Joyner.

APPr is currently running a Kickstarter campaign — you can download APPr and experience it for yourself, but the Kickstarter is to help the APPr team with its official launch. “We’re raising funds to enable Android & Windows device support, allow for native publishing directly to the most popular app stores and to add media features, such as video,” according to the Kickstarter page.

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You can follow along with APPr on Facebook or Twitter, and can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here!



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