Tech Edventures: Coding and Robotics for Kids

Next week is the International Week of Code, a worldwide event that drives home one key message: Coding not just a specialty. For tomorrow’s adults, it will be a survival skill. During the week, thousands of organizations will create opportunities for those who would like to learn coding skills — and a local business, Tech Edventures, will be participating.

Tech Edventures is a North Texas startup run by Founding Director, Dr. Allen Selis. He’d worked as a headmaster in Silicon Valley when parents approached him to offer more STEM programs for their children. The result was $200K of new investment in tech, including a robotics and coding class for his students. Selis was hooked, and wanted to do more.

“Because a good deal of my focus turned towards tech literacy, I wanted to individualize the experience for students. I found that in the right environment, students as young as kindergartners could learn to code,” says Selis.

Dr. Selis founded Tech Edventures earlier this year, and through the program and the classes that are offered, he is ensuring that North Texas students have access to core skills that will help them to thrive in an information driven economy.

DSCF1137During an upcoming Winter Break Tech Camp in North Dallas, kids will build robots, program micro-circuits in C++ and even get an introduction to 3-D printing. Tech Camp will locate at nōd Coworking, so campers won’t just learn about tech entrepreneurship. They’ll see it close up.

But Dr. Selis is always hungry for a new challenge, and his next one awaits in central Dallas. Selis is especially keen to get this kind of programming downtown, to ensure that kids from all over the metroplex have access to this kind of learning.

“Just like there are food deserts, there are also knowledge deserts,” says Selis. “We’re testing the metroplex market to determine the best way of engaging all of our kids.”

DSCF1409aa editThere are also a number of opportunities for parents, coders, startups, and tech enthusiasts to volunteer with Tech Edventures. During the International Week of Code, Tech Edventures is organizing the Hour of Code and has room for volunteers on the afternoon of Wednesday, 12/10.

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You can check out the other classes and programs that Tech Edventures is already offering here.






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