Courtem: Bringing Chivalry Back to Mobile Dating

Tinder, Zoosk, Match, OkCupid. We all know about the elusive world that is mobile/online dating. It can be a painful, embarrassing and time-wasting experience. But in these mobile friendly, very busy times it’s hard to date otherwise.

Enter Courtem. They’re “bringing chivalry and courting back into the 21st century.”

Dallas-based Courtem’s patented cut-and-dry style eliminates all the hassle and run-around of online dating, prompting its users to actually propose dates upfront to each other.

Cofounder Alex Von Gontard explains, “Singles join Courtem to see what someone might propose to them as the best date of their life. Courtem also simplifies an individual’s decision to either accept or reject a date proposal based on its unique user rating system. This rating system ensures that users only accept date proposals from top candidates, i.e. users with high star ratings. In addition, we also urge all our users to thoroughly review one another’s profile, interests, friends-in-common, proximity, and star rating to help
them develop their best date proposal.”

With so many platforms focusing solely on appearances, it’s hard to get a fair reading on the full capacity of another human. If I was judged just based off my past 5 Facebook photos, people would be REALLY confused – is she 12, 25 or constantly laughing?

Courtem is focused on interests, not just profile pictures, with their direct date proposal system. The system allows one Courtem user to create a perfect date and submit it to another user. Unlike an offhanded “hey what’s up” message, this is a substantial interaction and bonafide jump-off point to start courting.

Von Gontard explains the unique process, “Once a user receives a date proposal, they have the option to 1) immediately accept the date, 2) reject the date, 3) opt to bring a friend along on the date – using the app’s wingman/wingwoman feature (creating a potential double date scenario) or 4) they can playfully ask the date proposer to ‘Up Offer,’ and respond to the date proposal using a scrolling feature of preselected responses.”

Ready to say adios to Tinder? (There’s no way you match with 75% of the users, anyway.) Try Courtem and see how it’s different.

Come meet the founders and join in on a date with Courtem this Thursday, December 4th at Hotel Zaza from 6-10pm. I’m sure you’ll be courting with Courtem soon enough.

Lauren Zeien

Lauren spent a year in Chicago's 1871 technology incubator after years climbing the jungle gym of hospitality groups. Lauren's fast paced thinking and lifestyle lead the quick-witted marketer to fulfill the need and turn her attention to propel companies to success - thus creating The Strategy Artists. When not kicking booty with her company you can find her socializing with new people, jogging Katy Trail, cheering her favorite football teams and enjoying all the city has to offer.