Global Entrepreneurship Week: Dallas Does it Right

Dallas: a city thought to be saturated with oil tycoons and business moguls is slowly starting to be recognized for something else –startups. Now you may laugh to yourself a little and shake your head, but then I’d tell you that you’re wrong.

When you think about it, Dallas makes perfect sense. Dallas made Forbes’ list of Best Places to Launch a Startup In 2014. Toyota (ring any bells?) is even moving its U.S. headquarters to the area. It’s already home to some Fortune 500 companies and also to a booming startup ecosystem –and that same startup ecosystem get things done.

Last week, November 17th-November 23rd, (if you didn’t already know) was Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). And as it name states, startup communities from cities all over the world organized events, workshops, contests –anything and everything that related to entrepreneurs, young and old.

If you wanted to get to know more of the community throughout the week, there was major opportunity in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) alone. Approximately 40 events/programs/workshops were held, celebrating GEW in DFW. Whether you were a woman entrepreneur, a coder trying to improve your project, or maybe just a newly proclaimed entrepreneur, there was something for you to get involved.

Throughout the week, there was this sense of community that you don’t really find anywhere else. At The Grove, a co-working space located in downtown Dallas, you could find the owner with his doors wide open for anyone looking to learn more at their open house. At Tech Wildcatters, an accelerator program also located downtown, you could find women (and some men) celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by getting to know one another. Wherever you went, people were interested in who you are and sought to help in any way they could if you needed it.

And why am I writing? Why is GEW relevant? Because when it comes to starting a business, Dallas is making a big name for itself among others. And while Seattle, Austin, Silicon Valley, or any of the other major startup players may already have set in that “coolness factor” Dallas foresees itself to be a place for budding entrepreneurs.

There are so many resources and organizations who look to help startups succeed. Need a space to work in? Not a problem – find The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, IDEA Works FW, or TechMill Denton among other coworking spaces. Looking to find more information on the startup community and events? Look to LAUNCH DFW.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re looking for. DFW will help you start up.

Edna is the marketing manager at Clay Piggy, a game-based learning platform that teaches kids how to be financially capable. She is passionate about the Dallas community and wants to see its startup ecosystem grow.