Glass-Media: Changing the face of consumer storefront advertising

When you board a flight from San Diego to Palm Beach, generally you think of white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks – not inventing a company.

Unless you’re Daniel Black, who did just that.

The night before this particular cross-country flight, Black was captivated by YouTube videos on projection marketing and knew this could be something. The next day, somewhere over the vast desert of New Mexico, Silicon-Valley-native Black picked up a Skymall magazine to browse. He saw a brand new laser projector with the ability to run for days. Combining those projectors with his intrigue with projection marketing, and Black knew he’d struck gold.

When Black returned to post-college home San Diego, he spent the next month managing his full time work duties with nightly research (sometimes early morning, too) on how this concept could come to life.

One Friday, Black called together a group of friends to come gather in his 434sq foot studio apartment and he pitched them what is today – Glass-Media. It was a unanimous decision – it had to be done. Over the next 3 months the team spent every free hour conducting virtual research and development. In February of 2012, Glass-Media Inc. was official. Two weeks after incorporation, Black quit his job and became CEO of Glass-Media.

That spring, Glass-Media took it Facebook style, renting a house in San Diego and filling it with 8 programmers to create Glass-Media beta version. There wasn’t any zip lining off of chimneys into pools, but I’m sure the team has some great stories and, even better – they managed to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Summer brought the first round of funding from family and friends. Fall brought their first pilot with State Farm Insurance & Comic-Con at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Analyzing both Glass-Media and his personal life, Black decided to take Glass-Media to Dallas, where business was thriving. Black and  Glass-Media’s co-founder, Wesley Oldaker, packed it up and moved to Dallas last year.

Since then Black has built a team of people in Dallas and drummed up over a dozen pilot programs. Currently, you can see Glass-Media’s technology on display at The DEC (311 N Market). Big advancements are sure to come shortly from Glass-Media. Currently raising seed round two, launching pilots, and in January you will see Glass-Media at Love Field where fellow start-up Rise is launching.

Glass-Media will be on display December 9th at Dallas New Tech where you’ll have the chance to find out more about that initial idea 30,000 feet above ground.

Lauren Zeien

Lauren spent a year in Chicago's 1871 technology incubator after years climbing the jungle gym of hospitality groups. Lauren's fast paced thinking and lifestyle lead the quick-witted marketer to fulfill the need and turn her attention to propel companies to success - thus creating The Strategy Artists. When not kicking booty with her company you can find her socializing with new people, jogging Katy Trail, cheering her favorite football teams and enjoying all the city has to offer.