KICKSTART MONDAY! Zunotek’s SnapRecorder Makes Music Production Sleek and Simple

Among musicians of every kind, from street corner buskers to Super Bowl half-timers, having the right equipment to produce the sound they envision for their audience is essential.

With the advent of more in-depth audio mastery and studio recording technology, many artists struggle to “cut through the mess of cables and computers” and get back to the crisp basics of their music.

In the recording studio at least, bigger may not always be better: so with portability and efficiency in mind, SnapRecorder is keeping music production SLEEK and SIMPLE for artists.

SnapRecorder is the next big (yet surprisingly light) idea in portable audio recording, providing high quality audio recordings anywhere-and in a matter of seconds.

Setup is simple, and SnapRecorder covers all the bases with a patent pending EasyLock mounting kit that enables universal use with various mic stands or even tabletop recording setups.

Musicians can either attach their favorite traditional microphone inside, or use the included Smartphone Dock to view lyrics and allow recording directly through a mobile device (so anyone can do it). Users even have the ability to attach their favorite shock mount or pop filter.

The developers behind SnapRecorder have kept their focus on providing a product that is affordable to musicians and producers of various genres and experience levels, while guaranteeing a professional quality sound.

This high end quality is made possible through a truly state-of-the-art soundproofing design which uses a 15×15 triple layer combination of acoustic sound filtering material. The fantastic sound quality is truly noticeable, and you won’t have to break the bank make it happen.

The campaign was successfully funded in less than 8 hours, and is a Kickstarter Staff Pick. To show your support and hear the real SnapRecorder quality difference, head on over to their Kickstarter page here!

Michael Winstead

Michael is a contributor at LAUNCH DFW. He is an aspiring coder, a lover of music, and an avid collector of peculiar and outré socks.