Rise: Launching Better Travel in Dallas

Think back to the last time that you flew on commercial airlines. It’s not usually something that people, especially those who travel frequently, look back on with fondness. Earlier this year, airline passengers were surveyed about their experience with airline travel and the concerns that they had around flying.

When asked about the situations that worried them the most before their flight, the most reported anxieties were around on-time departure, getting to the airport on time, legroom, and security.

Nick Kennedy, CEO and Founder of Rise, wants to change all of that. Nick has been involved with startups for the last ten years, and spent a great amount of time having to travel.

“Somewhere in my 2 million miles of commercial air travel, I committed to improving the experience for myself and other entrepreneurs,” says Nick. And if you ask what areas he’s most determined to improve, he’s very straightforward.

Time and dignity. With Rise, you’ll experience both; extra time on the front and back end of every trip and a level of personalized service that only comes with membership.”

A membership with Rise can be purchased at three different levels: Express, Executive, and Chairman. Every level includes unlimited flights each month, and a membership experience that includes personalized services and a community of other entrepreneurs and executives. Joining the Rise network means getting access to an “elite community of travelers.”

Rise caters to Texas travelers and will be flying out of a Dallas Love Field FBO to Houston (HOU) on weekdays and to other destinations, like Austin and Vail, on the weekends. The first flight leaves in December. “That’s when all of this comes together,” says Kennedy.

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The Rise team has been working around the clock for the last several months, and once the flights are underway, they’ll be sharpening their focus on the fly-all-you-want member experience and making it even more valuable. “Our members can expect nothing short of the highest level of service in all areas, each step of the way.”

You can follow along with Rise on their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Sign up to be a founding member of Rise through this link.

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