SafeNight: Providing Shelter to Victims in Need

Domestic violence is pervasive in communities across America, affecting hundreds of thousands of women, children, and men each year.

Over 1,000 cases are reported from households in Dallas alone each day. Many of the afflicted are given sanctuary through the constant efforts of family violence agencies and similar organizations; however, all too frequently the number of victims exceeds the number of beds available.

This is where the team behind SafeNight is determined to make a difference. “When a woman calls a shelter, she is often in the middle of a volatile situation and, all too often, there is no space for her and she is turned away,” reports the SafeNight Indiegogo campaign, which is currently raising funds for a mobile app.

The SafeNight app aims to guarantee a “safe night” to those in need of refuge when shelters cannot. In collaboration with AdvanceNet Labs and Caravan Studios, the SafeNight team looks to deliver the first metropolitan-wide resource for family violence victims of its kind.

Here’s how this simple, yet brilliant process works: Dallas is home to over 30,000 hotel rooms, and almost 40% of these are left vacant each night. That’s over 10,000 empty hotel rooms.

When room is limited and a victim risks being turned away to an abusive environment, shelter managers can use the SafeNight app to quickly find available hotel rooms at discounted rates. The moment a room is selected, the details are broadcast to all users, who receive an invitation to sponsor someone’s safe night through donation.

SafeNight is taking a powerful step to integrate social justice and mobile apps by giving the Dallas community a chance to make a significant social impact in about the time it takes to update Facebook.

To support SafeNight’s Indiegogo campaign, visit the site here.

Michael is a contributor at LAUNCH DFW. He is an aspiring coder, a lover of music, and an avid collector of peculiar and outré socks.