Kickstart Monday: Finding Opportunities for Your Purpose with PurposeMatch

In this day and age of countless opportunities, finding a fulfilling career path has become more difficult than ever for newer generations in the work force. Tasked with choosing the best foundations for their future, thousands of young students and workers feel overwhelmed or “stuck”.

PurposeMatch, a multidimensional species of self-improvement program, was developed as a guide that “helps people get unstuck” through emphasis on matching any person to a unique sense of purpose. But what exactly is the meaning and significance of purpose?

In the words of the PurposeMatch team, “We believe purpose is about living in a particular way. It’s about journeying through life with intentionality, aware of the intersections between what you offer, what you hope for, and what the world needs…and acting on that awareness.”

Unlike many other approaches to the questions of career and purpose in life, PurposeMatch aims to appreciate the complexity and diversity of any kind of person, starting with an in depth evaluation each subscriber takes when he/she first signs up through their website. 

To best tailor the program to each user, product manager Justin Jeter developed a scalable coaching system he dubbed “The SPARX System.”

This system focuses on exploring four crucial attributes of each individual: their strengths, passions, awareness of who they want to impact and how, and their social personality. The “X,” or the intersection of these factors, is where individuals realize their unique abilities and potential, and begin to “live their purpose.” From there, users are matched with opportunities and resources to help guide their journey.

“Any time you’re doing what you’re good at and what you love, to meet an important need in the world, alongside people that bring out the best in you, you’re living with purpose.”

You can read more about their Kickstarter campaign here, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Michael Winstead

Michael is a contributor at LAUNCH DFW. He is an aspiring coder, a lover of music, and an avid collector of peculiar and outré socks.