Crowdfunding Platform MassCatalyst Exhibiting at TechCrunch

MassCatalyst is representing Dallas at TechCrunch Disrupt this week with their new crowdfunding platform.

“Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, MassCatalyst operates as an auction for investors,” states a company release. “Think of them as the eBay of business funding.”

Crowdfunding has been largely successful, providing companies with the opportunity to reach wider audiences to help them fund ideas and products.

“Donation-based platforms like Kickstarter have flexed the powerful muscles of crowdfunding and paved the way for a more advanced model of funding—one that gives investors equity in return for their contributions.”

MassCatalyst has simplified the process for companies to begin crowdfunding capital. “MassCatalyst’s auction system gives companies the opportunity to raise more than their initial offer (as high as investors are willing to go). It presents the possibility for more funding with less equity.”

With the passing of Title III, MassCatalyst would have the opportunity to move forward even more quickly. Non-accredited investors will be able to participate in equity crowdfunding, providing opportunities for even more startup endeavors.

You can read the full press release here. Check out MassCatalyst online, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.