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September 2014

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This fall, a pop-up retail and event space will be made available to creatives and entrepreneurs in the Dallas area. This is an exciting new initiative from Dallas entrepreneurs Matt Alexander (Need) and Bryan DeLuca (Foot Cardigan). They are opening a free space to a

If you've never heard of pterygium, then we're about to teach you something, dear reader. Pterygium (pronounced terry-gee-um), also known as “Surfer’s Eye”, is a fleshy growth occurring on the whites of the eye and is much more common than people

We hear it frequently, we bandy about the term casually, and it's been used so much more often now that there's a pretty significant event named after it. "Disrupt." "Disruptive Innovation." "Disruptive Tech." I understand it -- there's a need to shake up the way

If you've been living under a rock (or just missed our announcement earlier this summer), you'll be happy to know that, besides our LAUNCH DFW Job Board, there's also another great place to post the things that you need or

To the people who read LAUNCH DFW (yeah, you!): Diversity in startups is a topic often whispered about but never really talked about. So I decided it was time to SCREAM about it. We're starting a new series. On the last Friday of

Startup Angels is partnering with UP Global, 500 Startups, and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center for the "first national conversation on startup investing, its impact on innovation, and ways to unleash the potential of millions of new investors" this November. According to

Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF), a leading venue in high-tech industry field gathering multi-tech and business professionals, selected Dallas-based PassbeeMedia as one of ten finalists in the upcoming SVIEF Startup Contest on September 27. PassbeeMedia is a DFW

Talk about a happy ending! Blownaway, Dallas’s premier on-demand beauty app, secured a six-figure investment from the Angels of Texas after presenting at September’s Dallas New Tech event at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC). Since conception, Blownaway’s been downloaded over 1600 times

When it comes to teen driving, the statistics can be daunting. Just during the first year of receiving their license, teen drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. In the United States, 1 in 4

North Texas is home to over 28,000 nonprofits, and of those, 83% have budgets of less than $100,000. With limited resources and time, the need for technology is sometimes deprioritized. Dallas GiveCamp is a weekend-long workshop dedicated to supporting those needs.

Start small. THINK BIG. In July, Hayden Blackburn, founder and director at IDEA Works FW, held a workshop introducing attendees to the Ft. Worth Startup community. The goal was to provide information on the resources and opportunities available in the Ft.

It was a unanimous vote at the Frisco Community Development Corp. board meeting yesterday: the Frisco Discovery Center will be the new home of the Videogame History Museum next April. THOUSANDS of video games, consoles, and memorabilia will be curated and

Mark your calendars for October 29! VentureSpur Pitch Day is coming up and promises to be an awesome event! Pitch Day is the culmination of the 2014 VentureSpur program, which is currently housed at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. "Pitch Day will feature investment

Matt Alexander of Need stopped by and chatted with Kevin about his experience launching a curated fashion startup.

We are just plain GIDDY about the upcoming Dallas New Tech coming up in just three weeks -- not only do we have some amazing presenters for you this month (as always), but we'll be at a new venue! Join us

Most of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that we've featured are tech-related, so this week's project is a little bit different - but it's for a great cause that we're excited to hear about. Pump Up West Dallas is a campaign

Dallas Fort Work, a coworking community in North Dallas, will be joining in the downtown fun come this November. "The pioneers of Downtown’s revitalization at 211 N. Ervay continue to expand their innovative concept at Alto 211 with the addition of Fort

We were excited to learn about The Codex recently, in an announcement from the Tech Wildcatters last month. The Codex is a code school for the Dallas community, dedicated to "help educate, inform, and develop individuals who are fascinated with

What is a game changer? I think most people would define a game changer as a disruptive innovation that changes the status quo. Game changers come in many varieties, from the very simple, to the very complex. If executed properly the

tripBam is a hotel shopping service used by corporations, hotels, travel agencies and travelers based in Dallas. They won the Business Travel Supplier Innovation Award at The Business Travel News Group’s inaugural Innovate Conference in New York last week. “It’s an

FieldAware, a company that provides mobile solutions and tools for field service organizations, announced that they've raised $24 million in funding. "WestSummit’s new co-managed fund, Summit Bridge Capital, led the round with support from Silicon Valley Bank and existing investors OpenView

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center and American Airlines have partnered up to provide the DEC startups and entrepreneurs with Business Extra points. American Airlines has provided entrepreneurs with programs and opportunities for travel, through its Innovators Initiative. "We're excited about the opportunity to

MassCatalyst is representing Dallas at TechCrunch Disrupt this week with their new crowdfunding platform. "Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, MassCatalyst operates as an auction for investors," states a company release. "Think of them as the eBay of business funding." Crowdfunding has been largely

Vinli is a connected-car platform, and they're launching TODAY at TechCrunch Disrupt. "Vinli is a game changer because we have created the  first open-platform for developers that works on over 700 million vehicles around the world. It can make a car manufactured

Dallas ranked third in the nation in a recent report from JLL on the state of technology-related jobs. Steve Brown with the Dallas Morning News reported that "only California’s Silicon Valley and the Boston area have more high-tech workers" than

As of March 2014, smartphone mobile market penetration was sitting at 68.8%, with an astounding 166 million people in the U.S using smartphones with 80% of utilization time being spent on apps. Along with this huge user base of smartphone-ready

Last night's Dallas New Tech was yet another opportunity for the North Texas community to connect and learn about the hottest new technologies emerging from local startups and entrepreneurs. A huge THANK YOU goes out to our sponsors and supporters,

Collide Village Accelerator Program (CVAP) is a 4-month milestone driven seed stage startup accelerator program. CVAP’s focus is to teach founders the concepts of Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship. The program will be housed at the Treehouse in Addison, and applications are open

One notable characteristic about Dallas is our sense of community. People are willing to collaborate with and motivate each other. Chalk it up to Southern charm or good manners, but when there's a need for support or education, we seem especially fortunate

Driver safety is always an issue, especially with an increase in mobile phone use. The CDC reports that a cringeworthy 31% of U.S. drivers read or send texts or emails while driving.  "Car companies increase technology every year to allow more