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August 18, 2014


New City, Same Community?

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We build a community, a network, and a village voice where we live and work. When you leave that comfort zone, you are automatically forced to find a new triple threat. In the startup world that can entail not just climbing a mountain, but scaling something more like Mt. Everest. Think about it — the 9-5er’s world has a built in posse¬†that they’re socializing with on a daily basis. The…


Make Any Flat Surface Your Canvas with Gocupi!

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“Do you have a need to robotically draw images on any vertical surface using a robot? Don’t want to be limited by having to send gcode or commands to a tiny microcontroller that limits what you can draw? Then gocupi is exactly what you have been looking for!” Gocupi (pronounced “go-kew-pie”) uses Raspberry Pi and go source code to control stepper motors that allow you to start drawing whatever it…