Making Room for Innovation: The Booming Town of Addison

Recently, award-winning app development firm, Bottle Rocket Apps, announced their new office space in Addison last month.

“Unlike any other part of DFW, Addison sits at the epicenter of business and lifestyle. Once we realized that, there wasn’t anything else we would even consider,” said Calvin Carter, founder of Bottle Rocket Apps.

The Town of Addison boasts a burgeoning entrepreneurial economy, one that makes it possible for startups and small businesses to grow.

From the Addison website: “Despite Addison’s four-square mile area and 14,000 nighttime population, the town draws over 100,000 people from the entire North Texas Region to work and do business here. Local companies have been able to cultivate a diverse, highly-skilled labor force ready to meet the opportunities of growing and expanding companies.”

We spoke with Orlando Campos, Economic Development Director for the Town of Addison, and he emphasized how committed the Town of Addison is to their local businesses. “We’re dedicated to customer retention — we want businesses to flourish here in the area, and are developing programs targeted specifically for startups,” he said.

The Addison Treehouse is a perfect and tangible example of how serious the Town of Addison is about its startups. Founded by the Town of Addison and the DEC, the Treehouse is a “resource center focused on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with education, programming/events, and mentorship that are vital for the growth and sustainability of businesses. Born from a shared vision among small business and entrepreneurship advocates, the Treehouse believes investment in entrepreneurs is investment in the community.”

“Many people assume that our local restaurants are the economic drivers in Addison, when in reality, the top 5 sales tax generators are the businesses in area, not restaurants,” says Campos. “We want our entrepreneurs to know that we have the office space for them, and want to work with them — it benefits all of us.”

Along with the office space available in Addison, coworking community, Dallas Fort Work, also supports startups in the area.

It’s just more proof that North Texas is the place to put down roots and launch your startup.

Join us on September 25 for the Tech Startup Happy Hour at Addison Treehouse! We look forward to celebrating our community with you. 

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.