Announcing the August Dallas New Tech Presenters!

We are SO EXCITED about the upcoming Dallas New Tech after our two month hiatus.

We have an amazing team of people working to make the event bigger and better than ever, and the presenters this time around are pretty impressive.

To give you a taste of what you can look forward to, check out who’s pitching on August 5 at the DEC! Be sure to register for tickets NOW!


parqer-final-flat-01-01 (1)



Check out the startup profile LAUNCH DFW did recently on Parqer, then hear from them at this month’s Dallas New Tech! Parqer’s app saves you the trouble of having cash for valet parking, and they make it easier than ever to pay for parking services. “Stop carrying a pocketful of $1s, borrowing from friends, or looking for ATMs. Start paying with Parqer.” You can download the app on iTunes here! Follow Parqer here on Twitter.

F4e-m_9-blur Group

blur Group will be presenting on their Global Services Exchange, an innovation that will change how you do business.

“The Exchange provides the platform for customers who need business services to work with service providers with the right expertise to deliver their projects.” Visit their website to find out more! Follow them here on Twitter.





PassportPhone saves you money and enables you to call just about anyone in the world.

“PassportPhone is killing global roaming fees for international travelers. We enable travelers to call home (and be called back) on their mobile phones for one flat rate.”

Check out the PassportPhone website, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook!







Nexus Velocity will be presenting on the FotoCall app. “FotoCall lets you send a photo that appears on the other user’s smartphone when they answer your call, and attach and send more photos while you’re on the call. Share special photos with family, SURPRISE your friends with something off the wall, or send important information before a business call.” Check out their website or follow FotoCall on Twitter!





Skyven_Logo_800x800Skyven Technologies

Skyven is commercializing a new solar panel that simultaneously produces electricity and heats water, reducing the total cost of solar energy by over 30%. “It’s the first and only zero-emissions solutions that can compete head-to-head with natural gas on the cost of heating water, while simultaneously beating the best that traditional PV has to offer on electricity generation.” Read more on their website or follow Skyven on Twitter!



Impact Media Group – OléTV

OléTV is an introduction to the next generation of television – it oletvlogo - Copygives “families a way to save hundreds of dollars per year while enjoying all their favorite entertainment in a revolutionary cloud-based interactive TV experience.” Check out their website for more information!




Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.