Minecraft U: Building Future Programmers in Dallas

The need for educating today’s students in technology is growing, and we’re lucky to have people like CTO of Modern Message, Daniel Miller around who see that need and find ways to accommodate it.

Miller’s son started playing Minecraft several years ago, and eventually he checked the game out for himself. As a developer and lover of hacking, he saw the similarities between the game and real-world web development. He also saw the opportunity to turn learning about the game into a full blown summer camp. He reached out to Stewart Ball, who runs multi-sport summer camps at The Hockaday School, and they hashed out the idea of a program for learning development.

The Minecraft University summer camp will use the game as a guide to “focus on teaching problem solving and programming techniques through Minecraft, Lua, Scratch and Java.”


But the Minecraft ecosystem “is insane,” says Miller. “We want to give the kids a more sane community to learn in.”

Minecraft U opened today, June 9. It offers four camps over three weeks as part of Hockaday’s summer program the weeks of June 9-27. The camps are split into level of difficulty, and students will be able to graduate through the program to build on their skills. The program is designed to work together to guide children from Minecraft novices to programming professionals.

Said Miller on a recent Facebook post, the camp is “less about the 15 hours at camp and more about grouping together to change the world. The game just happens to be the doorway.”

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.