Kickstart Monday – Mi World Lets You Share, Even When You’re Not Connected

Mi World™ PCS is rounding off their Indiegogo campaign at the beginning of May, and we’re excited to see this project get funded.
Mi World™ PCS is a personal hot spot, of sorts. With a 30 hour battery life and up to 512 GB hot swappable SD storage, the Mi World™ is a great solution for sharing your digital files when you don’t have internet access.

With the Mi World™, you can connect up to 10 smart devices, and access and share the information on each individual device with the others that are connected.20140214143908-MYTH_indie12

The project has a $100,000 goal. Backers of the project will get exclusive access to the preview run of the product. If the campaign is fully funded, they will be able to launch a full production run.

How might you use Mi World™? Well, the company offers up a number of potential scenarios:

Family:  Stream a movie at home from your Mi World™ PCS to your smart TV. Need to leave? Start watching on your phone? Kids want to join in or watch something else while in the car? Broadcast the movie to a tablet and another phone at the same time. Or broadcast one movie to your daughter’s tablet and a completely different one to your son’s phone. No internet access needed.

Work:  Have a big presentation at work or at a customer’s location?  Walk into the room with your Mi World™ PCS and direct the presentation to the big screen in the room or have your colleagues view the presentation on their own smart devices by connecting to your Mi World™ hotspot.  Make changes to your project or presentation right then and there. No need to connect to the network. No internet access needed.

Friends:  Headed to a friend’s house and want to show off pictures or videos? Take your Mi World™ PCS and let the show begin. You pull up Facebook on your phone, and mirror the screen to your friend’s smart TV. No TV? Stream your screen to others’ phones, tablets, or laptops.  Want to edit your photos or videos on your way there?  Want to allow your friends to add in their pictures from the party while still at the party?  No problem. No internet access needed.

Classroom:  As a teacher, stream your lessons and homework assignments to the classroom’s big screen or directly to your students’ mobile devices (iPads, Google Chromebooks, smartphones, laptops, etc.). No need to go through a difficult network and limited wi-fi. No internet access needed.

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If you want to get your hands on a unit, you can support the Mi World™ campaign on Indiegogo. It closes on May 5!

Rachel Winstead

Rachel is a freelance writer and works at Soap Hope in downtown Dallas. She hates the term "disrupt," tweets about startups, and appreciates a well-crafted hashtag.