Matramoney Wants to Kickstart Your Wedding

Crowdfunding has obviously been blowing up and different sites are going after all sorts of verticals. The wedding industry is no different. Local startup Matramoney wants to help you have the wedding of your dreams.

What’s the 1-sentence elevator pitch?

Kickstarter for weddings

What do you do and who are your customers?

With the average wedding running over $27,000, today’s couples are desperately trying to find ways to off set these heavy costs. Additionally, many engaged couples today have lived or will live together for well over a year before their weddings. This drastically marginalizes the need for a traditional wedding registry because many of the typical registry home-goods and housewares have already been purchased out of necessity. Matramoney gives couples the opportunity to leverage the love and support from their friends and family to help offset the financial burden that affects many young couples as well as supplement the traditional registry items that are often unnecessary and unwanted.

Matramoney is a crowsourcing/crowdfunding based startup dedicated to helping recently engaged couples create and fund the wedding of their dreams. Couples can create a free “Dream Wedding” and create/add whatever items they want to it. The couple decides which items should be labeled as: “Must-Haves”, “Nice-To-Haves’ and “Dream” based on their level of importance. Then the couple will determine how much funding they need for each item and when they need it by.

Once complete, couples can share their Dream Wedding with their friends, family, or co-workers to begin raising funds for their big day. Contributions can be received in any amount and at any frequency up until the wedding day or the required funding date of the requested items. Items can be shared on all major social media outlets and funding progress can be tracked for each item.

Matramoney offers a win-win scenario for everyone involved. By asking for funding for wedding related items, couples will get help with things they actually want and avoid creating additional debt while friends and family can feel comfortable that their money is going toward something that will be appreciated and remembered rather than just another set of bath towels or pillow cases.

Who are the founders, what are their background and why are they passionate about this company?

Matramoney was founded by Josh Blessing, a North Texas native. Prior to Matramoney, Josh worked for several Fortune 1000 companies such as CA Technologies, Compuware and HP in various client facing, business development, and sales roles. While fulfilling these roles, Josh had extensive experience working strategically with some of the worlds largest and busiest eCommerce websites including,,, and among many others. Josh holds a degree in Business, Marketing from Texas Tech University

Josh got the idea for Matramoney when planning for his own wedding with his fiance, Shaley. They had been living together for almost 2 years and were paying for the majority of their own wedding themselves. With a mortgage, car payments, credit card bills, and student loan debt, the last thing they needed was more expenses. That is when Josh thought about the idea of funding the wedding itself. Well not all of it…but at least the fun/expensive stuff that everyone will get to enjoy. Josh is passionate about this service because he’s walked in the shoes of it’s target users. He knows how hard it is to pay for your own wedding with all of the other financial obligations that occur in life. Matramoney was designed with the hope that people can still have their dream wedding without creating a debt nightmare for themselves.

What major milestones have you reached and what are your startup’s plans for this year?

Matramoney launched its Beta site in February. Josh and his fiance Shaley are it’s first users. To date they have raised nearly $5,000 of funding for their wedding from friends and family.

Over the next 12 months, we would like to spread the word of what Matramoney does, find some other couples who would like to give Matramoney a try for their own wedding, reception or honeymoon needs, and begin expending our offering to include some vendor related services.

How can people learn more or engage with you?

Visit We have an explainer video, plenty of FAQs, and other resources for information. If you have any specific questions that you can’t find the answers to, feel free to email them directly at