The DEC Announces First Batch of Ambassadors

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center just announced their first group of DEC Ambassadors.

The program enables community members to participate in pushing the mission of the DEC forward while supporting the broader startup ecosystem here in the Dallas area.

From the announcement blog post:

We narrowed it down to 23 Ambassadors who will help build on the vision for the startup community in Dallas and across North Texas. These individuals were chosen because of their passion to help people and desire to help grow the startup community both locally and nationally. You might notice some familiar faces and many new ones. Among the group there are designers, developers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, event coordinators, and corporate innovators. Each individual brings a unique experience and perspective to the table. And together they share in a vision  to lead the city along to be a top startup community.

dec ambassadors

dec ambassador

Each ambassador will have the opportunity to experience the ins and outs of working within the startup community and trying out various roles through leadership and volunteer positions. They share in The DEC’s values and mission of creating a collaborative ecosystem by supporting local talent, innovation and success, and will assist with promoting and educating the public about the offerings of the startup community.


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