Chui Wants to Modernize Your Doorbell

UPDATE: Chui is now over 100% funded on their crowdfounding campaign. There are only 16 pre-order slots left for the first batch so you better get on it if you’re interested.

Want to see who’s at your door? Leave an automated message for a friend, or break up with lover? Clock employees in or out? Chui can help.

Chui is “smart camera that makes your home socially intelligent. Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house.”

We caught up with the Chui team to learn a bit more…

What’s the 1-sentence elevator pitch?

Chui, Bringing facial recognition to your doorstep.

What do you do and who are your customers?

We are making homes socially intelligent and empowering people to simplify their lives and stay connected no matter where in the world they happen to be. Our customers are homeowners, apartment owners, businesses, and anyone seeking a streamlined more efficient environment.

Who are the founders and why are they passionate about this company?

Co-Founder Shaun Moore, a former SMU Football player and Cox Alumi turned financial professional left his corporate job in 2012 to join forces with Nezare Chafni, also a Cox Alumni and one of the youngest candidates for Moroccan Parliament in history at age 24. While drinking Morrocan green tea in a Casablanca hotel room overlooking the Atlantic ocean, the two teamed up to develop a smart doorbell to help promote safety, security and convenience.

We have been working on Chui for 1 year to date now and have fully submerged our lives into making it a serious player in the connected home movement. Our passion is obvious through a journey of navigating unchartered waters and insurmountable risk, leaving their respective fields of finance and politics to start a technology company.

What major milestones have you reached and what are your startup’s plans for this coming year?

We unveiled Chui at the International CES in Las Vegas Jan 2014.

We have filed 2 utility patents and 1 provision patent around our technology.

We raised a friends and family round last October.

We were accepted into an accelerator in Colorado for the spring class.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign and after 1 week were at 50% of our goal and are just a few orders away from surpassing it (2 weeks after launch)

Our plans for this year are to wrap up our crowdfunding campaign to gauge demand for the smart home market. To complete external beta testing at a few commercial locations and graduate the accelerator program. We intend on having a commercial ready product around summer.

How can people learn more and engage?


facebook –
twitter – @get_chui
instagram – @getchui

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