Dallas vs Lyft/Uber/etc Public Hearing Today

Another day, another episode in the city’s crackdown on tech-enabled ridesharing/car services like Uber and Lyft.

This evening the city will hold a public hearing where a special committee put forth new recommendations on regulations affecting how such services can/should operate.

Many within the city council support the existing status quo and the monopoly held by the cab companies.

Lyft sent out an email yesterday to all their Dallas users asking for people to show their support by rallying at City Hall Plaza at 4:30pm today before heading into the hearing. Uber has also been encouraging their users to express support.

The Dallas Morning News has an excellent post describing the backstory leading up to this point.

Here’s to hoping that, after the meeting, innovative services such as Lyft and Uber will still be able to operate within our fair city.

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.