The Best of 2013 on LAUNCH DFW

It’s been a really great year here at LAUNCH DFW.

We’ve been putting out a lot more content every week, and as a result visits and pageviews on the site have been making new records just about every month.

Here’s a look back on some of the most biggest & most popular stories from 2013.

Mark Cuban Leads Investment in Validic

Validic was in the Tech Wildcatters 2012 class and raised $750k for their #mhealth data API platform.

How to Raise Angel Funding in DFW Part 1, Part 2

Modern Message co-founder Mike Ivey tells the story of how his startup raised angel funding in a 2-part series

Why Dallas for your Startup?

With the DEC’s official launch, their Why Dallas infographic quickly went viral around the community.

CoLab Launches Coworking Space in Fort Worth

Finally! An amazing coworking space in Fort Worth to meet the pent up demand we’ve seen over the years.

Dallas Gets a Lyft

Lyft brings the pink moustache to Dallas and heats up the competition for Uber.

City of Dallas Drama w/ Uber

Some pretty nefarious stuff came to light as local cab companies went blackhat to fight off Uber & similar services in Dallas.

Dallas New Tech

This event has been a great success so far and we expect it to explode in 2014!

LAUNCH DFW Events Calendar

This is our single most highly trafficked page on the site! If you have an event that should be on the calendar please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here are some more tidbits courtesy of our WordPress Annual Report:

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AR_map 2013-12-31 13-41-57

AR_comment 2013-12-31 13-42-38

AR_2014 2013-12-31 13-43-16

  • Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.

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  • Mike

    Looks like I met my 2013 goal of being the #1 commenter on LaunchDFW! Now we just need more voices from the community to participate.

  • bradleyjoyce

    Appreciate you being engaged Mike!

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