UNT Students Win 500Hrs Competition w/ Startup Render

Render, a startup founded by University of North Texas students, has won CauseCode’s 500Hrs competition.

CauseCode, a company that looks to help entrepreneurs bring high-impact ideas to life, recently launched their 500Hrs competition in which early stage startups compete to get their MVP built for free, no strings attached and no equity taken.

“I heard about CauseCode through my work at Startup Digest Dallas,” said co-founder Clarissa Redwine. “We’ve built the UI/UX design ourselves and are in the process of putting the final touches on the wireframing but we had run out of resources to complete the backend of our MVP.  500Hrs was perfect!  Many contests require you to have a working prototype or, especially with tech startups, the complete product.  We just weren’t there yet.”

The idea behind Render is to provide safety for the crowd by the crowd in instances of mass violence.

A simple and intuitive mobile app tracks crowd-sourced data in an instance of mass violence and literally renders the situation visually, enabling first responders and risk management to track the emergency as it develops in real time.

So why this particular application? “On average, a mass shooting occurs every two weeks in the US,” says Redwine. “I probably don’t even have to name a recent event- I bet it’s still fresh in your mind. There are a few companies that have tried to address this issue but haven’t received the necessary traction to make their solutions tenable.  We think we hold the key.”

Certainly, the fledgling startup is taking on a very big problem. The team, though, is clearly ambitious. In addition to Render, Redwine and co-founders Srujan Kotikela and Kyle Dickens run the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization at UNT and are involved in everything from Denton Startup Weekend to TEDxUNT.

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We certainly look forward to checking out the product once it’s launched. In the meantime, you can follow Render’s progress on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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