Weld Presents Its Finest Works of 2013

Members of creative coworking space, Weld, will display their best works of 2013 this Wednesday at The Weld Show.

The arts-based collaborative space opened in May 2012. Since then, we’ve seen a ton of stuff come out of Weld including the launch of Need just last month.

Tyler Sharp, a Weld photographer is sure to have some of his “Insta-famous” #RedCloakedSage photos on display along with the many other talented artists of Weld.

This annual Weld Show will take the very best of its members photography and work from 2013 and present it in a collaborative gallery.

The event is tomorrow evening, December 18, from 7 to 9 at the Weld space off Farrington. Entry is free but RSVP by email is highly encouraged through weldshow.co.

For more event and venue information, visit the Weld page.


Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.