The Grove Welcomes ‘House of Genius’

Kicking off this evening, 3 startups will present a business problem to a selected panel and discuss solutions at the House of Genius hosted by The Grove.

House of Genius is a once-monthly entrepreneurial gathering designed to provide startups with anonymous feedback by skipping formal introductions.

The panel is limited, with less than twenty who are chosen based on their areas of expertise and the needs of the presenting startups. Following each of the 3 five-minute presentations, startups will discuss solutions with the panel and answer questions.

“The ‘genius’ is in the conversation since the panelists are introduced with their first name and no bio,” said Event Leader Fiona Schlachter. “This provides a much more open dialogue.”

Dallas will be the 17th city to host a House of Genius across the world. The initial event will be held at The Grove, Launch DFW’s home base and local downtown coworking spot.

Leading the effort with Schlachter is Michael Sitarzewski. I asked Michael a few questions about the House of Genius. Check out what he has to say:

How is the panel selected?
The panel is selected based on the needs of the three presenting companies. Panelists come from a variety of backgrounds and have varied levels of experience.
What do you think is the biggest benefit of leaving names out?
It allows every team member (from the presenting companies) to take feedback without biasing the feedback. If you knew that a VC with a $25 million fund was giving you advice for a marketing problem in a consumer deals app, you might favor that over the advice from someone that had a big exit in that space. Who knows more about it? Of course the answer varies, but as a presenter you’re completely open to all feedback.
How does House of Genius best complement other entrepreneur gatherings like New Tech? Or how do they differ?
House of Genius is the only event I do that has a cap to the number of attendees – it’s kept intentionally intimate. The results are productive, it’s not a social/networking/happy hour. It IS a deep dive on a problem you’re having, with years of experience there to help.

To apply for January’s House of Genius, click here. For more info, visit

Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.