Kickstart Monday: Busker – Wallet Friendly Pick Storage

It’s a problem every guitar player has experienced… lost picks, inaccessible picks, forgotten picks.

Well no more. Jon Winkelman of Cedar Hill wants to solve this problem for you with The Busker.

“The Busker is an efficiently sized and designed way to carry extra guitar picks. The credit card sized system fits easily in wallets.”

Winkelman says the idea for the name came during a trip with his wife to Ireland. “As we roamed the streets and listened to all the street performers, a.k.a. “Buskers”, the idea of needing picks hit me again. I really didn’t know what a “Busker” was before this trip, but as we wandered through Dublin, and later, Galway, we experienced the busking lifestyle firsthand. I knew it was the perfect name for my pick holding product.”

While a rather simple device, it’s certain to save the guitar player in your life much annoyance!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and contribute!

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