Mobile App Puts Food In YoBelly

Dallas New Tech was a huge success Tuesday night as 6 startups presented to an awesome crowd.

Among the presenters was YoBelly, a recently launched app designed to answer the infamous question, “where should we eat?”

By answering a few questions in an initial survey after signing up, YoBelly will create a profile based on your dietary preferences and needs. These profiles are identified by animal characters.

Users who possess your same profile will show up in the review section of your matches. After all, “eating is personal” when it comes to your belly.

From there, it can suggest places you may like to go and even certain dishes at the location that complements your palate. The app has over 2 million plates and growing in its data base.

YoBelly also has a feature called “eat-vite,” which can create a date and pick a restaurant that will suit not only your diet, but also your lunch companion’s.

From a restaurateur’s standpoint, the app provides free marketing by the data base listing of restaurants and dishes. Any bad reviews can be rectified within 3 days to restore its reputation.

Launched very recently, this app is available for iOS and Android.




Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.