DFW Stacks 1 Million Cups

One Million Cups, a nationwide entrepreneurial gathering will kick off in Dallas and Fort Worth tomorrow during the celebrations of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The program was created to engage entrepreneurial communities across the world. Dallas and Fort Worth will make up the 22nd and 23rd locations for the program.

1MC meets every Wednesday morning from 9 to 10, and showcases two local startups as they present their ideas and gain feedback from the community. Presenters will have 6 minutes to provide a solid insight into their business models and ideas, with 20 minutes of feedback to follow.

Recently announced, the first Dallas presenters are Cupenya, a cloud based workflow analytics solution; and Suit Rak who provides affordable suits. Fort Worth will introduce Chef Shelf, a guide and online market for aspiring chefs entering the prepared food market; and Trademark Mortgage, a website devoted to facilitating home loans, e-lending, and mortgages.

The Dallas program will be hosted by the Dallas Entrepreneur Center while the Fort Worth location will be held at Avoca Coffee.

I reached out to Jennifer Conley, Cofounder of the DEC and 1MC Event Organizer, to gain some better insight as to how this program will further enrich our community.

What do you think is most beneficial about the extended amount of feedback a presenter can receive with this program?
“Getting feedback from peers help startups to refine their pitch and get more comfortable when the stakes (and stress) are high. If you’re nervous presenting at 1MC, that’s okay. You’re in front of your own peers – we’re going to cheer you on and help you get better at your presentation and prepare you for the tough follow up questions. Presenters at 1MC will also be highly encouraged before they present to watch a series of short videos from the Kaufmann Founders School on powerful presentations. We’re going to follow up with those presenters to make sure they watched the videos and are prepared to present their startup to a group who want to see them be successful.”
How do you think 1 million cups will strengthen the entrepreneurial community in DFW?
“The fact that we are launching 1MC in Dallas and Fort Worth on the same day, and during GEW, is evidence that the entrepreneurial community is growing stronger together. The plan to launch at the same time was planned, however the way in which we came to learn about 1MC was serendipitous. We were first intro’d to the startup, Cloud Elements, in Denver, CO by one of our mentors to discuss the opportunities of them entering the Dallas market. The VP of Sales for Cloud Elements is also the 1MC Denver coordinator and they intro’d us to Nate Olsen and Cameron Cushman, the founders of 1MC. The lesson is, you just never know where an intro will lead you.”

For more information, visit 1millioncups.com.

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Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.