Kickstart Monday: Closing In on Gestures

With just 3 days left to go, Gestures, who we caught up with a few weeks ago, is 98 percent funded in reaching its $10,000 goal.

Gestures, a mobile camera app with a beautifully simplified interface, is also generating a memorable gesture-based mobile language which will be implemented into future projects. Others have taken an interest in the design of the language, leading to a substantial amount of support for the Gestures Kickstarter campaign.

We heard from Cofounder Sung Kim to find out how things are going.

How are you feeling about being so close to your goal with 3 days to go?

“I have been so nervous it’s been making me sick these last two weeks! Then,  last night this awesome backer came along. He wanted to implement some of the gesture based experiences on his non-profit app. So he backed us for $3000 in exchange for me helping him do ux and ui for his app.”

How has your experience been with a crowdfunded project? Would you do it again?
“Actually, we are doing it again this January with the beta release. We will offer the beta version for people who didn’t get the chance to participate in this campaign. We will also do a low goal amount and focus more on maximizing the number of backers.”
Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.