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Launched yesterday, Traxo for Business is jet set to ease travel planning for customers.

Traxo, an aggregated travel platform, promises to be your “digital travel wallet” by organizing your info from hundreds of travel sites. For the modern travel site, it is the solution to filling in the blanks for cross marketing to customers.

By utilizing information provided from transit and accommodation sites, Traxo can identify confirmed plans and make suggestions for relevant reservations. It can also detect loyalty points and track accumulated miles.

The turnkey platform provides support for integration onto one dashboard at both basic and enterprise levels.

Check out the full press release below:

DALLAS, Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Traxo, the world’s most advanced personal travel organizer, announces today the launch of Traxo for Business, a powerful and insightful B2B white-label technology platform that gives travel providers a 3600 view of customers’ complete travel plans and allows them to tailor truly relevant recommendations, offers, and support.


“The reality is, most travelers book elements of their trip – airfare, hotel, activities, rental car – across multiple sites,” said Andres Fabris, Traxo CEO. “Traxo for Business gives travel providers insight into what were previously multiple, fragmented details, while offering customers an easy way to manage all their loyalty programs and travel plans – regardless of where booked –integrated with the travel provider’s site.”

Relevance is the holy grail for travel providers, and the Traxo for Business turnkey platform provides the infrastructure necessary to deliver truly relevant, engaging content based on travelers’ existing plans and preferences. Deeper visibility into customers’ travel plans makes it easy for a provider to target the right support or cross-selling offers at the right time, while increased utility for customers makes them more likely to stay longer and come back more often. “Our new Traxo for Business platform enhances providers’ visibility, allowing them to support travelers with their ENTIRE travel experience – not just a single transaction,” said Fabris.

Businesses that want to augment ancillary travel product sales now have a fully turnkey white label solution that leverages Traxo’s itinerary and loyalty management technology, and features the partner’s own branding and style guides for a consistent user experience.  An API option is also available for partners who prefer to design their own user experience from scratch.

Leisure and corporate strategies are supported by the Traxo for Business platform:

  • Consumer travel websites and mobile apps, including travel suppliers and online travel agencies, can offer customers a consolidated dashboard with all their travel plans in one place.  For example, providers may know when a customer has booked plane tickets on their own website, but now they’ll have instant visibility that shows whether a customer has booked the other elements of their trip.  “We call it opportunity visibility,” said Fabris, “you will know what items are missing from your customer’s trips, and be able to market to them much more effectively,” Fabris continued.
  • For the corporate travel segment, providers gain effortless and instantaneous visibility into business travelers’ off-platform travel purchases and streamline the expense reporting process, regardless of where the bookings occur.  Because the process is automated, employees save countless hours filing travel expense reports, and become more productive
  • Travel agents and concierge services gain visibility into upselling and cross-selling opportunities and improved workflow efficiency with unrivaled insight into customers’ travel plans and a holistic picture of the traveler’s complete itinerary, providing the missing layer that enables more proactive customer support.

“As an investor partnering with Traxo for Business, we have been very impressed with the breadth and flexibility of their technology. It will serve as a powerful way to consolidate itinerary details in one place so our concierges can be more effective and LesConcierges can deliver an even greater service to our customers,” said Ramesh Patel, CEO and President of LesConcierges, the leader in global concierge solutions.

Traxo for Business is available now and already integrated with partners including SAP’s Cloud for Travel solution.  For more information, visit or contact

About Traxo

Traxo is the world’s most advanced personal travel organizer.  The free service automatically detects and aggregates travel information, including: itineraries, miles, points, and elite status, directly from over 200 different travel websites, and accepts travel confirmation emails from over a thousand travel providers, organizing everything into a single, comprehensive travel dashboard.  For more information, visit  Follow Traxo on Twitter at @traxo.

Media Contact:
Pamela Johnston, Cloud12
(646) 918-8812 x1201, EDT

Media Contact:  Pamela Johnston, Cloud12, (646) 918-8812 x1201,


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