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In the abundant world of Dallas, shopping for anyone can be rather daunting: particularly for the man that doesn’t like to shop. Enter an answer called NEED.

Officially launched today, Need is an online platform that provides a seasonal collection of men’s lifestyle necessities, as well as a pretty good read.

Founded by Matt Alexander out of Weld, Need has partnered with over 70 brands of high quality designers between the States and Europe to curate a digestible, monthly compilation of wardrobe staples and accessories.

“The whole point of this is we really want to benefit guys that hate shopping,” said Alexander. “It will be the one reliable source that doesn’t change every 24 hours that actually tries to educate [on the subject of style and function]”

Paired with each item is a bit of insight as to why that particular article was chosen. Written by Alexander, the site’s tone reads with a touch of whimsy and dignified relevance.

In addition to the changing collection, the site will also feature a new team of contributors ranging from the models to photographers to journalists each month.  A selection of stories will also be shared through the site’s page called Imprint which will correlate with each month’s central theme.

Additional items such as housewares and other curious items will also be added in the future.

For its first collection, Open Season, there are 6 featured items associated with colder weather. Ranging from Swedish and American brands, the result is a warm casual ensemble. With the help of fellow Weld-ers, Tyler Sharp models this collection shot by Jersean Golatt.

Need will expand to other cities and markets, creating an individual localized selection year-round. Talks of a women’s selection is also up for question.

Launch DFW is proud to have Need showcase at tonight’s Dallas New Tech!

  • Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.

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  • Mike

    Congrats Matt! Will definitely have to check out the service.

    Regarding future plans with women’s clothes, if you set up a service to help clueless men buy clothes for their wives, I know I’d pay for it.

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