Make My Plate Answers “What’s for dinner?”

Make My Plate simplifies dietary meal planning.

Make My Plate is a mobile app developed to produce visual results of a portion-controlled meal plan based on your dietary needs. By providing a variety of options for each contributing meal element, creating a different dinner for each night of the week is infinitely possible.

Don’t feel like eating chicken tonight? Make My Plate might suggest subbing for 6 ounces of salmon.

Not really sure what six ounces of salmon looks like in reality? Make My Plate’s visual component will literally proportion what that would look like on your plate.

The idea came from Founder Alin Cooperman, a current student in the Health Wildcatters‘ Program. She and her team travelled overseas to Dallas after their idea was selected for participation.

“I went to a dietician myself and she gave me a list of everything I should eat: [for example] half cup of mash potatoes and 3 oz chicken. And I’d write in my food diary. After a while, it became very tedious.”

The app has also implemented menus from a collection of restaurants to ease the hassle of counting calories while dining out. Substitution options are also available for this feature.

The team at Make My Plate is also avidly adding new items to the database to continually up the options. Pulling from diets like gluten-free, new items may be added based on buying trends of gluten-free consumers.

“Our system always allows for new ideas and new dishes. It makes it fun,” said Cooperman.

Plans to expand on the app are already in motion. New features will include recipes, shopping lists, fitness information, and online consultation.

Make My Plate also invites partnership with professionals to create their own branded apps. They have recently teamed with Living Well Dallas to create a gluten-free diet plan.

Make My Plate will graduate from the Health Wildcatters’ inaugural class following Pitch Day this fall.

Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.