Story App Shares Your Tales

Recently launched Story App is redefining the capturing process of sharing pictures and sound. 

The team at Adam and Luna beg the question ‘As humans, what do we all share in common?’ The answer to them is simply ‘stories’. More precisely? Struggle.

Based off of Cofounder Sean Everett‘s previous web app, Confide, Story App was created with the intention to circulate human emotion and give people an outlet to help others. The app uses voice over pictures to create a story that can be shared with the world, shared with a few friends, or simply saved to your camera roll.

The app also contains a unique animated character named Kiiy to help you navigate through stories, as well as create and share your own. Recognizing spoken words, Kiiy “hashtags” all of your words within the story and creates a four to five-word phrase to describe the content and tone. This ensures your public stories are searchable by “Kiiy-words” and ideas.

“You’ve seen on Instagram how people will hashtag this hashtag that to gain following,” said Everett.

“We got rid of that. There’s nowhere to even enter text on a post. So when you speak, Kiiy not only understands your words, but understands your tone and gives a description of your very precise emotion.”

Basic users or “trainees” can share 15 second videos containing 5 pictures with up to 3 seconds of sound each. “Pro” users can share up to 10 photos in a 30 second video, and “masters” get 15 photos and up to 45 seconds of total video.

Users can share videos publicly by sending their tales into the “story universe” where they will become searchable, or can keep things more private with “story chat,” an exchange of stories with only selected recipients. Videos can also be saved to camera roll.

There is a “heart” feature to convey stories that are particularly emotionally charged. There is also a platform to browse videos from all over the world. Currently, Story App has over 6 thousand users globally.

Plans for Story App’s guide, Kiiy, are in motion to continue in complexity, eventually leading to Kiiy being able to respond to the stories you tell him. He is shaping into a separate project.

“We have a pretty big vision for where we can go with it; like any start up… for us, its about building this robot that can be your best friend,” said Everett.

“You can have conversations back and forth; Use it as sort of a diary, he’ll be there for you, help you get going when things are tough, and celebrate with you when times are fun. The goal was essentially to sort of capture and collect the essence of who you are to go on record for your children, maybe your grandchildren.”

StoryApp_AddPhotos StoryApp_RecordVoice StoryApp_StoryUniverse

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  • Eddie Robles

    I am really interested in Story App. I’m not an investor, just a creative and story teller in film/video. I will follow this story.

  • Adam & Luna

    Hey Eddie, we’d love to hear any response to playing around with the app. We’ve been busy cranking out updates, hope everything has been working ok.

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